Connie Hedegaard


With two decades of experience in international and domestic executive policy making, Ms. Connie Hedegaard is today assuming several key positions in support of a low-carbon and green economy.


Lately Connie Hedegaard has chaired the Danish Public Service Committee determined to contribute to the shaping of a modern understanding of public service as a pillar supporting democratic conversation in the 21st century.

In 2015 Ms. Hedegaard was furthermore appointed Public Investigator for the Norwegian government’s project on Green Competitiveness.

Currently Connie is chairing a number of foundations and executive boards, such as OECD’s Round Table for Sustainability, KR Foundation, Aarhus University, and Denmark’s green think tank, Concito. Moreover, she serves as board member in Danfoss, Nordex, Teknologisk Institut and the Danish Annual Democracy Festival, Folkemødet. Ms. Hedegaard holds a master degree in History and Literature and has authored and contributed to several books, publications and columns.

Ms. Hedegaard was the European Commissioner for Climate Action from 2010 to 2014, during which she led the negotiations towards the adoption of the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework. As EU Commissioner, she was also responsible for the 2050 Roadmap for moving to a low carbon economy and represented the EU in the international climate negotiations.

Connie has had climate action as a centrepiece of her political effort since she was appointed Minister of Environment to Denmark in 2004. Her political career she initiated in 1984 when she was elected to the Danish parliament as the youngest ever to exercise the mandate. In 1990 she decided to leave parliament and focus on a career in journalism, achieving 14 years in the print press, as TV anchor and as head of Danish Radio News (DR), respectively. Hence, she has a very elaborate engagement in issues concerning the interplay between media, the public and democracy.





Connie Hedegaards’ core competences centres around: 

  • Climate action, green transition and international climate policy and investments 
  • Press, public media and Democracy in 21st century
  • Policy and the European Union; obstacles and possibilities in international political frameworks.
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